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Grown-Up Problems - Ramblings and Writings
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Subject:Grown-Up Problems
Time:02:13 am

Here's section 2 of Kyna's tale...we should only be in Oliver's flat for a bit more...too bad for us.

“I made stew, think you can handle a little?” Now that she was certain her friend was going to listen to her intelligent suggestion that he spend the day getting healthy Kyna was in a much more agreeable mood. 
He quirked an eyebrow and smirked at her.  “You make it sound like I have a choice.  For some reason I was under the impression that the rest of my day would be dictated to me.”
“Well, it could be if that becomes necessary.  At the moment I think we’ll stick with general outline.”  Oliver’s only response was to take the offered bowl and laugh.  “Don’t be so surprised.  I am a benign dictator with only the best for my subjects in mind.”
“I see that my status has been elevated to subject.  I was under the impression that I had been put in the annoyances-Kyna-has-to-put-up-with category.”  Even in his sickly condition Oliver managed to look quite smug over what he thought was a brilliant rejoinder.
This was not a look that she could allow to continue.  “Funny, I always thought of you as my own personal keeper: preventing any balls from making it to the hoop.”
“Well Dragondung,” a large portion of the piping hot stew managed to find its way to Oliver’s shirt then onto the seat of the couch.  With a quick flick of her wand, uttering scourgify, Kyna cleaned up the mess before it caused any real damaged.
“You should be more careful, Mr. Wood.  What would your roommates say if they came home to that kind of mess?” and she dropped herself into the now clean space.
“They’ve both met you now,” came the terse reply.  “They’d understand.”
“And here I thought I’d made a rather nice impression on them. I guess I’ll have to reevaluate the situation.”
“Maybe you should be a little more cautious of just how good an impression you make in the future,” Oliver grumbled.  “I don’t relish the idea of having to find another roommate because Winters offended you.”
Kyna couldn’t contain her surprise at that comment.  “If I had failed to inform you of this earlier let me make it clear.  I am a not a little girl anymore.  I’ve managed to take care of myself without your assistance for the last two years.  Winters is not going to cause me any problems and even if he did, it has very little to do with your living situation.”
It wasn’t as if the pair hadn’t seen one another for the past two years.  Whenever Lachlan made a pilgrimage home his childhood friend would inevitably have at least one dinner at the McPherson house.  Kyna still had only seen him a paltry eight times in the two years since he graduated.  While Wood had made time in his schedule to check in weekly with both Kyna and her younger sister, Gavina, after Lach had left the hallowed halls of Hogwarts.  Upon his own departure the McPherson sisters seem to have disappeared from his memory.  The quantity of time she had spent in his company put Oliver Wood in the same category as her muggle cousins from the states, in Kyna’s opinion.  She vaguely knew of the happenings in their lives, and more than likely could pick them out of a D.M.L.E. line-up.
It was because of this that the slightly hurt look in his eyes disturbed her. “I-I’m sorry Oliver.  I didn’t mean it to sound like that.”
“I guess on some level I know you don’t mean it.”  Dark earnest eyes met her pale greens. “You do know that I’ll be there for you.  Not that you need me to be, I’ve heard a thing or two from the Weasleys, but if you ever did…”
“And just what did the fink on me about?”
“Now don’t go getting your knickers in a twist.”  Placing his empty bowl on the lump that was the coffee table Oliver attempted to scoot out of arms reach, earning him a well-deserved glare.  “I had asked them to keep an eye on you once I left…” the glare only intensified.  “Pretty much figured out they’d botch the whole thing so I told them to forget about it.  In the end I was right too.  Lach told me they sent him an owl once a month telling him what you and Vina had been up to.”
Her eyes were sparking at this point.  “THEY SENT MY BROTHER AN OWL A MONTH!”
“Exactly what I thought too.”  Oliver seemed to ease back into his former position.  “Fred was even proud of sending that many.  Can you believe it?  Only once a month? They didn’t even attempt to do all the tasks I listed out for them.  I’m surprised Lach still talks to me after that.  Chose the wrong people to take over for me, I did.”  He shook his head in shame before looking back at the very annoyed girl next to him.  “And with their being two of them and all I figured it wouldn’t be all that hard to keep up with you and Vina.”
“And who’s supposed to be keeping track of my exploits at this stage in my life?”  She was proud that there was only a slight quiver in her voice.  “Did you ask Marilla?  I’m sure she’d be up to the task.”
“Thought about it actually, but Lach owled saying that you could probably manage on your own now and he’d taken care of Vina already.  It’s a load off my shoulders.”  He let his shoulders slump in a blatantly defeated pose as he continued.  “It was bloody frustrating too.  All their reports ever contained were things that had happened that they should have prevented.  I would have if I’d been there.  Yet there wasn’t anything I could do about any of it…made me feel bloody useless.”
“They owled you too?”  If Oliver had bothered to look over at his couch-mate he would have realized the need to stop the conversation and redirect it.
“Never sent one to me actually.  Seemed to feel it wasn’t any of my business anymore.”
“Well, you always could have owled me.”
“What?”  He seemed truly surprised by the thought.
“You could have just asked me to write to you and let you know what was happening in my life.  It wouldn’t have been completely out of the question.  I wrote to my brother every Sunday night, with out fail until the day I graduated.  Besides, that’s the best way to get the facts; go to the source.”
Squaring his shoulders, Oliver frowned and asked “If Lach had you writing to him every week then why did he ask me to keep an eye on you?”
She actually chuckled.  “Extra precautions I would guess.  Da has worn off on him a bit in that respect.  Always have a back-up plan.”
“So that’s what I was?  A back-up plan?”  His voice was gruff but Kyna knew that he’d been offended again.
“Well, you passed me down to the Weasleys like a pair of old robes,” she replied trying her best to sound indignant, “and really, of all the people at Hogwarts you chose the twins.  I’m lucky I’m not dead!”
“I’ve already said I had decided it was a bad idea, but by then it was too late.”
“Too late?  What is that supposed to mean?”  Kyna was beginning to get lost in this conversation.  She managed to attribute this to the fact that Oliver was feverish.  It couldn’t be her fault.
“Once I had explained the necessity of someone keeping an eye on you they told me they were honor bound to do it.”
“Excited about the prospect of reek havoc upon my life, with more than just your permission, is more like it.”  She sorted out everything in her mind and began to laugh, a full spirited sound that had her doubled over.
It wasn’t until she had fallen off the couch and rolled slightly into the pile known as a coffee table that she was able to breathe between giggles.
“I can’t say that I see all that much humor in the twins acting as your guardians.”  This only sent her into another peel of laughter.  She wiped at her watering eyes when she started to address him again.  “I had thought that you were the bane of my existence when you were at Hogwarts…and now you’ve just told me that it wasn’t until after you’d left that you managed to really cause mass destruction upon my life.”  She found this immensely funny and could not seem to contain her continuous amusement with the clueless man now hovering over her in concern.
“You don’t think you caught what ever I have, do you?”  He gave her a speculative look.  When he began to mutter to himself, Kyna immediately sobered.  “Maybe she has a fever.  It sure sounds like she’s delirious.  Mum would know how to tell. If she is sick then I should floo Mrs. McPherson…”
“No, I’m fine, really Oliver,” she scrambled to her feet as her words tumbled over each other.  “You don’t need to call anyone for me.  Even if I was to get sick, it wouldn’t be that drastic this quickly.”  The fear of Oliver attempting to floo her mother was very real.  The only thing that it would do was bring on the weekly inspection, otherwise known as visits from her father, a few days sooner than expected.  Alistair McPherson already thought he daughter was incapable of surviving the ‘deranged lunatics’ that wandered Diagon Alley.  If he was notified that she was sick it would only prove that the she couldn’t even defend herself from the common cold.
“If you’re sure,” he hesitated for a moment before giving into her pleas.  “I guess there really isn’t anything to tell your mum quite yet anyway.”  She gave him her most dazzling smile, “nothing at all.”
“Don’t think you’re completely off the hook yet.  I’m going to be checking up on you in a few days and if you’re sick then your mum will hear about it.”
She nodded her assent before changing the subject.  “On to other matters.  Tell me, what have you been up to, besides attempting to commit suicide on the Pitch?”
Kyna settled herself back onto the couch and listened to Oliver drone on about his first year with Puddlemere, training, new moves he’d been working on and many other Quidditch related topics that she made mental note to ask her father or Marilla to explain in layman’s terms later.
“And how many times have you been carted off to St. Mungo’s?” she was able to ask when he paused for air.  He thought for a moment, “Now, are you asking about this season?”
“I’m asking about both seasons, but excluding any psychiatric evaluations.”  She took his empty bowl into the kitchen and stood staring at the overflowing sink.
Stretching out, he crossed his arms behind his head as he calculated the number of injuries in his head.  “Well let’s see here…I’ve only really had to be transported a few times over the last two years.”
Kyna was attempting to balance rearrange the stacks of dishes to accommodate the additional bowls without touching them.  She held her wand in one hand levitating five glasses while placing the bowls underneath them.  Something brown and thick was oozing from the floating cups.  “A few?  Is that as precise as you can get or do you not remember exactly due to a rouge bludger?”  The sound of shattering glass was the consequence of her momentary lack in concentration.  Well at least that goo managed to catch most of the pieces.
“No more ‘n seven or eight times at the most I’d say.”  He peeked over his shoulder into the kitchen to see what all the commotion was, “Broke some glasses I see…”
“Don’t you dare laugh Oliver Wood!”  Kyna managed to find a safe spot for the bowls in the area around the sink.   “I. wouldn’t. dream. of. it.” could barely be heard between muffled laughter.
A swish, flick, and muttered raparo later Kyna was staring at her latest creation.  “Um, Oliver, I need you help in here.”  The laughter stopped and just as quickly the nimble Keeper maneuvered his way to the kitchen.  “Bloody hell, you didn’t slice your hand did you?  I’m useless at healing charms…”
“I am beginning to notice a new trend amongst my acquaintances,” she huffed. “When, pray tell, did I become so funny?”  The strange object sitting on the counter of the kitchenette easily explained this ‘new trend’.  The glass from all of the broken cups, along with a healthy dose of the goo, had melded into one unidentifiable object.  If anyone else had botched a simple repair charm then Kyna would be snickering as well.  The fact that it was her made the incident much less comical, at least in her estimation.  Her glare did nothing to dissipate Oliver’s joy.  “I was always horrid at charms, even you know that.”  His only reaction was to direct his smug look at her instead of the object-formerly-known-as-cup.
“Ah, now don’t get in a snit.” He then clutched his hands to his chest and looked at her adoringly.  “You’ve always been entertaining to me.”  She shoved past him, nearly moving his great bulk, and retreated to the couch.  Sometimes Kyna wished she played Quidditch, if only for the added strength…and the beaters bat!
Oliver ruffled his hair as he passed the couch and maneuvered his way down the hall. “I’m going to jump in the shower.”  He threw over a shoulder.  “Feel free to…well, whatever it is that you do.  I won’t be long.”
She sat brooding on the couch for almost a full minute before she got bored.  Kyna wasn’t used to inactivity.  It annoyed her.  She glanced around the disgusting mess that was home to three athletes and was struck with inspiration.  Charms in general may not have been her area of expertise, no one is perfect, but she had managed to pick up a few rudimentary cleaning spells from her Da.  A spark came into her eyes when she looked over the back of the couch toward the kitchen. Really, just another type of potion lab, if you think about it. And with that in mind, a girl who didn’t even clean her own flat set to work.
She flowed Slug and Jiggers Apothecary first.  There are a few things that even a basic potion lab cannot be with out.  Then she started on the kitchen, suds streaming out of her wand, plates and utensils streaking toward cabinets and drawers.  She had managed to clear out the sink and find the stove by the time the delivery from Slug and Jiggers arrived.  She put a few galleons and sickles in the owl’s pouch, enough to leave a small tip and the delivery fee, and set about putting her purchases away.
When Oliver reappeared in the main area of the flat it was to find things in a slightly different condition than when he had left.  There was still an exorbitant amount of dirty clothing, but now it formed a pillar in the corner that could potentially hold up the roof.  One short stack had been left in front of the couch, leaving the boys their coffee table.  “I could get used to this.”  The sound of a cupboard closing rather loudly told him where Kyna was currently renovating. “I never figured that when I told you to do what you do that I’d get my house picked up.  If I’d have know it was so handy to have a girl about I’d have brought one back, and left her to her own devices, ages ago.”
She only chuckled, refusing to rise to the bait.  “I think most girls would have taken the opportunity to runaway.  I, on the other hand, have a little more common sense.”  She stood up a little straighter with this proclamation.
“Just how is this a display of your vastly superior intelligence?”  He became a little worried when she smiled.  The extra long shower he had taken must have given her the time to do more than just pick up his apartment.  “Why because, dear Oliver, now I have a bargaining tool.”
She left him gaping at her back in befuddlement as a timer went off in the kitchenette. “Ah, it’s done. Perfect timing, I must say.”
“What’s done?”  He tone broadcast the nervousness his face hid.  He could tell she was playing with him somehow.  What worried him is he didn’t know the game yet.  “Why the other bargaining tool of course.” 
This pushed him to the end of his patience, something he wasn’t well known for in the first place.  “That’s it Kyna!  I fell like hell and you’ve been manipulating me all afternoon!” His breath was coming in halted gasps.  “First you terrorized my roommates, then you threaten to go to practice, now you are up to something else and I’d really rather just not deal with any more schemes today if it’s all the same to you.”
“First off, I have not been plotting all afternoon.  My latest idea only just came to me while I was brewing the Pepper-Up potion.  You don’t have to take any if you feel it will offend your stupid pride.”  Kyna advanced on Oliver until he was flat against the wall.  “Secondly, there was no terrorization of roommates occurring. I cooked them lunch and got you out their hair for the afternoon.  They may canonize me for my kind gestures.  I admit to manipulating you with the threat of talking to your coach, but if you know me at all then you know I would never have actually said that too him.  I probably would have attempted to talk him into forcing you to go home, yes.  But it would have been done tactfully as possible, and wouldn’t have embarrassed you in the least.”
She spun around and stalked off to grab her coat and her bag but a callused hand grabbed her shoulder forcing her to stop.  “Let. Me. Go.”
“I’m sorry half-pint. I’m tired, cranky, sick, and I didn’t get to do the one thing that I love today.”  He sounded truly repentant.  “Forgive me?”  She never could stay mad when he made that face at her.  That pout that reminded her of a puppy who had just been scolded.
Heaving a sigh she turned to face him again.  “There’s nothing to forgive Ollie.  I may not have been trying to manipulate you, at least not earlier, but I can see how you would think that I was.”
“Now what were you trying to manipulate me into, when I so rudely interrupted?”  He walked right around her and into the kitchen.  “And just how much of this Pepper-Up am I to take?”
She brushed him to the side and took over the task of measuring out the potion.  “It would cure you, but you’ll fill a tad better for taking it.”  Oliver inhaled the vapors and cringed.  “I always hated the way this stuff tasted, but I guess not much can be done about that.  Can it?”  He looked so hopeful that Kyna felt guilty when she shook her head.  “Oh well, can’t have everything.”
He stood there, up against the counter, staring at the brew as if he could concentrate enough and the contents to the cup would just miraculously move into his stomach.  “So what am I being manipulated into?”  When there was no noise for several seconds Oliver glanced up and notice the blush on the young woman’s cheeks.  “Come on.  You can tell old Oliver.  If I promised just to do it, without the manipulation, would it make it easier? It’d be a sure thing.”  The blush that had been restricted to her cheeks had migrated and now had colonies on her forehead, ears, and the tip of her nose.  “Well?  Let us hear it.”
“I…” She took a steadying breath, “Well, actually we.”  She risked a quick glance at him. “Now you’ve already promised so you can’t take it back.  Honor bound and all that.”  He merely nodded.  “We are going on a date.”

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