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New Stuff...DG - Ramblings and Writings
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Subject:New Stuff...DG
Time:11:36 pm
Current Mood:sleepysleepy

The procession progressed with muted voices and shuffling footsteps, a collection of shadowed figured illuminated by small blue orbs at the ends of various wands. She watched them pass from her seat on the stairwell…unmoving…unwilling to call attention to herself.  Not wanting to disturb the scene below her.  It wasn’t often that one got to watch this elite force with their guards down unless you were among them.  Soft brown eyes followed one after another as they exited through the front door in groups of two or three.  Occasionally one would peel from their numbers and go into one of the many rooms down stairs.  A small smile crept to her face as she remembered another set of stairs where her younger self had sat after bedtime and listened to what was disappointingly not a party occurring after she left to go to sleep but merely her brothers thumping around as usual.

“I think,” came a voice she had heard many times before, “that I shall retire, temporarily, to the den.”  Eyes that had once twinkled with mischief looked up and saw what the no else appeared to.  “I have some things to clear up before I leave.”  If anyone thought this pronouncement odd they didn’t mention it, just tilted their heads in acknowledgement and continued.  Only one other paused and followed the elderly man’s eyes before he too swooped out.

Once the hallway below had emptied she uncurled herself and carefully maneuvered down the creaky steps to the main floor.  She was just passing the door to the den when it swung open revealing her old headmaster. “Ah, Miss. Weasley.  I had hoped to speak to you.  If you’ll come in I can go over what was discussed at the meeting while I finish up a few things.”  He looked so much older than she remembered him having been at school.  The long war years had taken a toll on everyone but it seemed as if Albus Dumbledore bore the brunt of it all.  The man had never particularly looked young but there had been an aura of energy surrounding him that had diminished slightly year by year.

He sat behind a piece of furniture that had lost the right to be called a desk ages before and motioned for her to take the only other chair in the room.  It creaked a bit before accepting her weight; nonetheless she chose to sit at attention.  The situation made her feel like she had just gotten caught, again, out after hours, again, and was now going to have to explain her conduct, again, to the headmaster.

“Now then,” he smiled briefly before looking down at the parchment laid out on the table.  “The ministry has noted an increase in muggle baiting in the north, around Edinburgh, and it is believed that these are merely warnings of attacks to come.  The Minister is planning on sending up several Aurours by the end of the week.”  He was writing and shifting parchments in front of him as he continued, “we, however, have already sent four members and feel assured that these power outages are not magic related.”

The next two hours similarly were filled with Dumbledore informing her of new information that had been gathered, short-range plans for the Order, and the comments that had been made by the members as the meeting had progressed which Dumbledore did in his best impression of the speaker all the while taking notes and organizing stacks of paper.  Guiltily Ginny realized she was only partially listening to the overview, mainly to the comments the other members had made.

Strange though. Why should Dumbledore waste his time rehashing the meeting with her when it would have been just as easy to have Ron tell her? Or maybe the twins because at least then she’d know she was getting all the information and not just what they felt she was old enough to hear.  She almost couldn’t help herself from interrupting him.  It was only right.  He had more important things to do.

“Sir,” he seemed startled, “it really isn’t necessary for you to go over this with me.  It’s my own fault for having missed the meeting.  Fred and George can tell me all I need to know, I’m sure.  I hate to be taking you away from matters that definitely merit more attention than I do.” She was rambling.

“There is really only one more matter that need be mentioned.  It has been discovered that there has been a minor upheaval in ranks of Voldemort’s followers.”  Dumbledore had stopped rearranging papers as he said this, gauging her reaction.  Hesitantly he added that many of the members felt that this was just to be expected.  No honor among thieves and other such cliché remarks.  Ginny flushed slightly when she realized the same idea had formed in her head.  The way the elderly man reiterated their comments lead her to believe that he may not have fully agreed with the pronouncement.
There was more.  There had to be more to what he was saying.  Something about this upheaval was significant, at least in his eyes.  “Do we know what happened sir?  Who was shuffled out of favor, who came in, and why?”
“We are not sure yet as to the why and what –fors at this point.”  Again he was silent.
The fog of an idea began to form in her head.  “If we aren’t certain of why,” the misty outline of a face materialized in he mind, “do we know the ‘who’?”  Pale skin. Haunted eyes. 
“It appears that for whatever reason Draco Malfoy has fallen out of favor.”  Having the name said out loud only justified her initial theory.  “I think you realize the import of this particular shift even if others may not.”
“How?” It came out as a whisper and even as she said it she wished she could take it back.  The question was vague but Dubledore didn’t need clarification.  “Crucio.”  He had said it simply knowing no more detail was required.
It amazed her that even now this would shake her.  She had known that someday she would hear something similar, a rumor after the war during a casual conversation, tallies of casualties from an as of yet un-fought battle or the like.  Nothing had really changed his own side had merely taken him out of commission before the Order had to do it. 
She was tired.  Standing, she gave her old headmaster a wan smile.  “Thank you for telling me, sir.  I- I ‘m not sure anyone would have deemed it important enough to impart everything with such detail.”  Her inflection never changed, there were no pauses, but when he nodded his head she knew he was acknowledging full understanding.

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New Stuff...DG - Ramblings and Writings
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